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Facts about Ystad-Österlen

In the most southeastern part of Sweden, in the county of Skåne, lies the area known as Österlen.

The name originates from the old saying “East of the fairway”, which meant those villages located along the only fairway from Ystad in the north east direction.

There is no exact geographical border delineating Österlen. The most common and simple definition is that Österlen consists of the municipalities of Simrishamn and Tomelilla and the part of Ystad which lies east of the city.

The permanent population is about 46 000 inhabitants. During Easter when the famous art tour takes place and during the summer months June, July and August the population almost doubles. This is a time when all the summer houses are populated.

Österlen consists mainly of plains and farmland with great natural beauty and wonderful coastal communities. The north part has more forest and is hillier. Österlen’s three larger cities are Ystad with app. 17 000, Tomelilla with app. 5 800 and Simrishamn with app. 7 000 inhabitants.