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Sweden has a so-called temperate climate. The summers in Ystad and Österlen are similar in temperature and weather to those parts of North America and Asia which are on the same latitude. However, thanks to the Gulf Stream, the winters are a great deal milder. Periods of sub zero degrees and snow are often short in Österlen.

The average daily temperature in January is 0 degrees. The warmest summer months are July and August. The average daily temperature during this time is about 17-18 degrees. In the daytime the temperature is usually about 20 degrees. Shorter heat waves with temperatures around 30 degrees can also occur during these months. In June and the first half of September the temperature is usually a few degrees lower.

The amount of rainfall in Ystad-Österlen is approximately the same all year around. In July and August afternoon showers and thunder storms are most common. During the rest of the year it is more common with longer periods of rain.