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Kulturhistorien / Cultural Narrative

Klostret i Ystad
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Pär Bjelvehammar

Projektkoordinator / Project Coordinator
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Here you can partake of the cultural heritage of Ystad-Österlen in a completely new way. The site is under construction and is estimated to be completed during 2010.

The Culture Narrative will provide you with all the necessary information for your visit to south-east Skåne. First and foremost you will find information about the many interesting places of cultural heritage in Ystad-Österlen. From beautiful old farms and interesting museums to monuments like the kings grave in Kivik and Ales stenar.

The Culture Narrative will also provide answers to questions like: What is going on? Which events and exhibitions are current right now? How do I get to Österlen? How can I find my way around in the best way? You will also be able to find information about accommodation, restaurants, café’s and much more. However it is the cultural heritage of Ystad-Österlen which is the main focus of the site. The Culture Narrative will be an invaluable resource for all those who are especially interested in cultural heritage and cultural history, but the site is of course intended to function as an inspiration for EVERYONE.

Gradually, week by week, The Culture Narrative will emerge. Please check in every now and again and become a part of the construction.

Who are we?

On a chilly autumn day in Ystad five gloomy cultural workers discussed marketing strategies while having lunch. The new chairman of Ystads antiquarian society, Pax Sjöholm had called us to a meeting to inspire us with an idea of collaboration. The gloomy atmosphere was quickly dispersed and the collaborative group “Upplev Ystad” (experience Ystad) was formed. Our first financing was received from Sparbanken Syd. In the spring of 2008 we made a much appreciated collaborative event between the cultural institutions in Ystad.

Around the same time Klostret in Ystad was given an assignment by Kultur Skåne (the regional funding body for culture) to research a lasting form for the cultural heritage institutions in Ystad-Österlen to collaborate. The project “Upplev Ystad” became an excellent foundation for this expanded collaboration. The museums in Ystad, Tomelilla and Simrishamn as well as The National Heritage Board’s Glimmingehus agreed upon setting up a new common web portal,

The aim of the site is to spread knowledge and information about the rich cultural heritage of Ystad-Österlen to the rest of the world!

Now we have finally gotten started. You will always be able to log on to this site to take part of our latest activities and new common ventures. The important and new part of the endeavor is that we will focus on the cultural historical experiences, as you encounter them in our museums as well as in the cultural and natural landscape. We also want to act as mediators for all the individual entrepreneurs who offer culture, food, music and art in exciting combinations. Our new web portal will also provide inspiration for different theme experiences. We will therefore put together different historical inspiration threads that one can follow. Of course the site will be linked to the tourist information booking program. Our target group is everyone; families with children, low budget visitors, environmentalists, luxury seekers, group travelers and the misanthropist…

Here you will find experiences of ALL dimensions.