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Agusastugan - the Agusa Cottage

Agusastugan is a typical small farm estate in Österlen which has been left untouched since the last owner passed away in 1945.

In the north part of Agusa village, on the road between Hörröd and Andrarum, you will find Agusastugan, an L-shaped, half-timbered farm from the mid-1800s. The last person who lived on the farm was Anna Mårtensson. She left the farm in the same untouched condition as when she was born there in 1873 with furniture, clothes, tools, household utensils etc. On the 6th of February 1945 Albo Härads local folklore society bought Agusastugan at auction. Today it is kept and cared for by the society in collaboration with Agusa village community and functions as an old homestead museum. Agusa village community was formed 1 may 1980 with both permanent and summer residents as members. One of the largest tasks was to care for the Agusa cottage. The first thing they started to do was to commence an extensive restoration of the farm. Already in 1981 the restoration was complete. During this first year there were over 1200 visitors. In 2003 a new thatched roof was completed.