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Christinehofs Ecopark

Within the area of Christinehof Castle you will find some of the most fantastic cultural and natural sceneries in Skåne, with many wonderful things worth seeing gathered in one place. Welcome to Christinehof Ecopark!

Christinehof Castle

The magnificent castle is built in three stories with two wings. The construction was commenced in 1737 with certain notable traits; among others a broken saddleback roof. The mid-story of the castle, which was the Countess Piper’s residence, is open for guided tours as well as to explore on ones own.

Borstakärr’s wetlands

Borstakärr’s wetlands surround Christinehof’s castle. In 2002 work commenced to restore the previously dry docked areas to their original wetland state. As a result many animal and plant species which thrive in a wet environment have now returned. This year an unusual bird guest was sighted; a Great Egret (Ardea alba).

Verkån’s nature reserve

Also take the opportunity to experience Verkån’s nature reserve with its beautiful nature. It is Skåne’s largest nature reserve. The creek has its source in Linderödsåsen and flows into the ocean at Haväng.


Skåne’s largest and most impressive waterfall with a drop of 23 meters can be found at Hallamölla. Below the waterfall lies the beautiful and still functioning mill which was closed in 1948/49. Every year during the event called “Möllans dag” (“Mill Day”) the mill is once again brought into operation during one day.

Andrarums alunbruk

Not far from Christinehof’s castle, Andrarums Alunbruk is located. It was founded in 1637 by the Danish descendant Jochum Beck. In the alum works area there is rich cultural and natural scenery. The area is part of Verkån’s nature reserve. Verkasjön is beautifully located and offers the possibility of fishing perch, pike and rainbow trout. During the days of the alum mill the lake was a source of peat cuttings which provided the mill with fuel. At Verkasjön there are places to put up tents and grill, wind shields and toilets. Fishing cards can be purchased in special vending machines in the parking lot of Christinehof’s castle. For more information and program, visit: Christinehofs Ekopark