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This magnificent and beautiful enclosed farm dates back to the 18th Century.

The construction is typical of North Albo county district. The walls of the barns facing the inner court yard are made of half-timbered pine and the outer walls facing the hills are made of granite. The other parts of the farm are built in half-timbered oak. The roof is made of straw and reed.

In the beginning of the 1960s the farm underwent an outer restoration but apart from that the farm has been left in the same condition as when it was left and no longer in operation. Most probably the manor-house is the oldest part of the farm and was built some time during the 18th C. The manor house is also furnished and decorated in accordance with the time period, which is delineated as mid 1800s.

The original house on the location was built in 1624 and owned by Glimmingehus Castle as a crofter’s holding for the groundskeeper of Glimminge forest. Today the farm is held in trust by Albo county district’s folklore society and is owned by the Assi Domän forestry company.