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Hasse & Tage Museum

Welcome to the worlds smallest film museum – the worlds largest Hasse & Tage museum!

A small museum with a very large content. Here you can take part of Hans Alfredsson’s & Tage Danielsson’s enormous creativity, joy and reflection.

It starts at the very beginning with the enormous successes of the 70s and 80s. They have left behind an incredible production both together and singly. A cultural treasure we will always remember.

At the museum you can press buttons and open shutters, something which most definitely will amuse everyone in the family. You can also watch film, listen, read texts and see props from both the films and variety shows. An astonishing nostalgic trip. You will also find out why Tomelilla was once called the “Hollywood of Skåne”…

Hasse Alfredsson himself participated in the inauguration in 2006. Tage Danielsson’s early passing in 1985 is still mourned by many of us today.