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Sillaröd Skvalt-mill

There are only a very small number of “skvalt”-mills (small water mills with a horizontal waterwheel) left in the country. Sillaröd is one of them, located just next to Sillarödsbäcken a few kilometers west of Andrarum.

The Sillaröd skvalt-mill was in operation up until 1922. The construction is old. It is a simple water-driven mill that existed already in the Middle Ages. These mills were often small and were used by the local village community. During the first half of the 1970s Sillaröd’s mill was handed over by Hjalmar Gustafsson to Albo Härads folk community center. Recently the center has provided means for a new roof on the mill.

Visiting Information

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Parking availableParking available

Visitors address:

277 50 Brösarp

Tel: 0417-260 35
Contact: Torgny Lundqvist
E-mail: No

Toilet: No
Disabled toilet: No
Adjusted for disabled: No
Elevator: No only one floor
Parking: Yes
Opening hours: Upon agreement by telephone

Entrance fee:

Depending on size of group

Cafeteria: No
Website: Sillaröds Skvaltkvarn
Distance to public transport: There is no stop nearby
Gps coordinates: Lat.55.707817 Long. 13.959195