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Tomelilla konsthall

The beautiful art hall in Tomelilla was built in 1965. It is the first art hall in Sweden to be built in the country side. The architects were Jan Löfqvist and Kurt Hultin from Malmö. Tomelilla art hall is one of the more well known art halls in Skåne for its fine and popular exhibitions.

The architecture of the art hall is also special with high beautiful square rooms. The light flows in through highly placed rectangular windows. During 2007-2008 the building was renovated.

There is great variation and scope in the exhibitions. The ambition is to let the visitors meet different forms of art, styles, technique and expression. Both contemporary and traditional art is exhibited. The art hall is a part of Tomelilla culture centre which also holds a library, tourist information and art school. Within the building is also located a famous jazz archive with over 5 500 vinyl records.