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Sandhammaren Rescue Station

Not far from Sandhammarens fyr – Sandhammern Lighthouse, you will find the interesting and cosy sea rescue museum. History tells of how it has never been safe to pass the southernmost tip of Sweden. The sea gives and the sea takes, something which is tragically enough still very much true today.

The first two rescue stations in Sweden were the boat and rocket station by what is presently Mälarhusen and the rocket station in Brantevik. In 1891, the station by Mälarhusen was moved to Sandhammaren. The same year the white-plastered boat shed was built, which would house Sweden’s first rescue lifeboat and boat carriage.

To pass the cape at Sandhammaren by boat has never been entirely safe due to frequently shifting sandbars. In 1862, two lighthouses were built at Sandhammaren and the number of accidents decreased somewhat, but there was still reason enough to move the station here from Mälarhusen. Responsibility for the rescue station fell to the lighthouse personnel, with the lighthouse keeper acting as the overseer.

The rescue lifeboat was built in 1855 in Copenhagen by master shipbuilder Ertmann Peter Bonnesen. The crew consisted of eight rowers and one mate. It was carried to the sea on a wagon by five teams of horses. The rescue lifeboat is currently the oldest preserved one in Scandinavia.

Sandhammarens räddningsstation was closed in 1945, and three years previously, the rescue lifeboat was put to sea for the last time. It was December 8, when the Finnish ship Ingeborg av Åborg found itself in distress. The ship was never able to head out due to high waves, but all seven crew members were still saved using a rescue basket attached to a rope. After 1945, sea rescue operations were moved from Sandhammaren to Kåseberga.

Today, the boat shed is an interesting and cosy museum, which is open from roughly the middle of April until early September. See our visitor info to the right for updated information.

Visiting Information

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276 45 Ystad
Tel: 0706-69 45 59

Contact: Margareta L. Nörregård


Toilets: No
Disabled toilets: No
Disabled access: No
Elevators: No
Parking: Limited availability

Opening hours:

From 28 mars to 26 september daily in daytime.

Admission: Free admission
Food & Drink: No
Website: Räddningsstationen
Distance to public transportation: No nearby bus stops