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Ljunits & Herrestad Local Heritage Museum

Ljunits & Herrestads Hembygdsförenings Museum is housed in the old court house in St. Herrestad.

On June 18, 1798, St. Herrestad was ravaged by a devastating fire in which the vicarage, the old court house and holding cells, the poorhouse and the inn were destroyed.

A new courthouse was built on the foundations of the razed inn and was in use as of January 1, 1878, when Ystad became the district court for its entire jurisdiction. After the court house had served its original purpose, it was used for various purposes by Herrestad Manor until it was acquired by the local heritage association in 1943.

Once the restoration of the house was complete, the museum was inaugurated on June 22, 1947.
The museum is home to such exhibits as the peasantry of different eras, crafts, textile tools, as well as a large photographic archive compiled by parish.

The “rune stone” in front of the house is a so-called path stone, known as early as 1723. Such path stones used to be found outside buildings such as churches, court houses and inns to help riders mount their horses.
The writing on the rune stone goes:
“Tungom hjälper jag till häst – The heavy I help mount
Tröttom sitter på mig mest…” – The tired on me mostly sit

Visiting Information

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Gamla tingshuset
Stora Herrestad
271 98 Ystad

Tel: Contact: Märta Rosensköld, 0411-61050


Toilets: Yes (privy)
Disabled toilets: No
Disabled access: No
Elevators: No
Parking: Yes

Opening hours:

4 july – 3 aug fridays, saturdays and sundays kl. 13-16
8 aug – 23 aug saturdays and sundays kl. 13-16
Admission: Admission 20 SEK, members 10 SEK
Food & Drink: No, but Herrestads Gästis is just next door
Website: Ljunits och Herrestads hembygdsförening
Distance to public transportation: Bus SkåneExpressen 4, St. Herrestad S bus stop, roughly 490 metres from the museum