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Eljaröd Village Breaking House

A beautiful location along Österlen where you can learn more about how flax was prepared in the old days.

Not far from National Road 19 between Ystad and Kristianstad, you will find the charming breaking house amidst its picturesque surroundings. This is where the flax was once prepared.

It is easy to forget that the flax has such pretty blue flowers before it is harvested. Once it has been harvested, it is gathered in small sheafs that are then left to dry. The next step is retting the flax by leaving it out in the rain for 3-4 weeks. Then it was brought to the breaking house where the “breaking” took place. This means that the flax stalks were crushed. The preparation process did not end there, and the flax had to be scutched, heckled and carded as well.

There are benches and tables if you bring your own food and drink. It is very much recommended, since the surrounding nature is very beautiful. Despite the proximity of the road, the traffic is barely noticeable.

Visiting Information

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277 56
Tel: 0414-910 82, contact: Kerstin Jonsgården

E-mail: Missing

Toilets: No
Disabled toilets: No
Disabled access: No
Elevators: No
Parking: Yes

Opening hours:

Indoor visits by arrangement only. Outside always accessible
Admission: Free admission
Food & Drink: No
Website: Missing
Distance to public transportation: “Eljaröd väg 19 Nyhem” bus stop, SkåneExpressen 4. Then it is a roughly 2 kilometre walk to Brydestugan