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The Andrén Room

The library in Ystad has a very special and unique book collection, which was bequeathed by the cavalry commander John Andrén upon his death in 1965.

In the 1920’s, he began collecting anything “written by and about” Oscar Wilde, the English illustrator Aubrey Beardsley, the English archaeologist T. E. Lawrence and the russian dancer Vaslav Nijinsky. The collection focuses on the English author Oscar Wilde. Andrén wanted to make this part unique in Europe.

According to the will, the book collection is managed by a trust that still regularly purchases new books. Nowadays, the area of interest of the collection has been expanded to include problem statements regarding collaborations between the different art forms. For example, how Oscar Wilde was deeply interested in the interplay of art, theater and literature.

Today, the Andrén Collection consists of more than 3000 volumes and is a veritable gold mine for both genuine literature enthusiasts and researchers. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the books have been sorted by subject heading, which makes it easier to search the collection. The books are not available for borrowing, but must be read in the library. However, the library in Ystad and Andrénska rummet are well worth a visit!