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For the love of small museums

Österlen map

Österlen map

Welcome to Southern Sweden and Ystad-Österlen. Here, there is something for everyone 365 days a year. Who said the summer is the best time for an outing? When the wind sweeps across Österlen and the sea is spuming with geese, that is a wonderful time to curl up in a blanket before a crackling open fire. Enjoy beautiful surroundings and draw energy from long walks and interesting cultural visits.

Here you go! Here is a possibility for trips with museums as the theme. Perhaps this trail can inspire you into spending a day or two here in the southeast. There is plenty to choose from for all who love museums. Three thousand square metres of exhibition space with the highlights – who would not get sore feet and feel overwhelmed after two hours? There are no giant museums in our part of the world but plenty of small and enjoyable medium-sized pearls with colourful and varied offerings.

You will not only find culture in Ystad and on Österlen, but also amazing nature with rich flora and fauna. You can also eat well and simply have the opportunity to unwind. The light and atmosphere which has held visitors spellbound for centuries is right here; in what often is called the Provence of Skåne …

Österlen is a welcoming place to travel, small and superb main roads and country roads. By car, moped or bicycle, it is your choice! But don’t forget that there is also a superb network of public transport with buses and trains.

Begin your travels in Ystad…