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The Coast

Travel along our beautiful coast

The coast of Österlen stretching about 70 kilometres has always been formed by seafaring. Strategically, the coast is well situated for trade as it is close to the European continent. The Baltic Sea is not a large sea but still awesome and history has proven it to be a dangerous sea, at least until modern sea navigation technology was available.

The sea and coast are always the source of great stories and tales. Many are not written down but are passed down orally from generation to generation. Perhaps it would be difficult to find a single sea-farer who has not caught sight, at least once, of a ghost-ship or a sly character like the beautiful and yet so treacherous siren of the sea.

This trail is first and most for those travelling by boat. However it could naturally also be followed by road. Everything starts in Ystad, the second southernmost town in Sweden and finishes about halfway along the eastern coast of Skåne, at Haväng about ten kilometres north of Kivik.

Kulturhistorien will guide you to many of the sights worth seeing along this stretch of coast. Particularly those associated with the sea, harbours and boats but also other places. We will also give suggestions of good places to eat and to enjoy a peaceful night’s rest. You may eat and sleep on your boat so we have also included a few farm shops for you on this trip. So, come along!

Start the journey in Ystad…